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At Indaver

We create value from waste:

With innovative processes we recover new raw materials and energy and keep harmful substances out of the materials and food chain. This is how we play a vital role in the circular economy.

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At Indaver the entire team is working towards the same goal: leading the field in sustainable waste management. We achieve this through developing new and original sustainable waste management solutions for our clients. The result? Our passion for innovation leads to intelligent solutions, which in turn has placed Indaver in the vanguard of change as a key European player in sustainable waste management.

We know that our people are the reason for our wide-ranging success. So we invest carefully in the ongoing development of each and every one of our employees. We also place great emphasis on achieving a healthy work/life balance, which is so important in helping our team to achieve their professional and personal goals. We strive to create a productive and fulfilling work environment for all staff members.

Our strengths which make Indaver special

  • Waste is of real value. Indaver is constantly investing.
  • There’s no future without sustainability. We are building a circular economy which gives waste a new lease of life.
  • The sky is the limit. You’ll work in a financially sound, high-tech and successful company.
  • People are definitely our company's greatest asset.
  • Investing in talent is the best guarantee for success.
  • A close team in which everyone has their own strengths.
  • Good work requires precision. We take a considered and focused approach to our work.
  • Safety, our priority!
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A job with impact

As long as there are humans, there will always be waste; even if we behave in a more sustainable way. At Indaver, we’re fully committed to the circular economy, processing waste sustainably and where we can, extracting all components which can be reused. We believe we must appreciate all the raw materials our Earth provides us, therefore we strive to make our footprint as small as possible.

Are you looking for a job with social impact and job security in an innovative industry which matters? If so, then please apply to any of our open vacancies.

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With attention to personal growth

Our jobs are varied therefore most days you’ll be learning something new and following a detailed training plan. Indaver is constantly evolving with numerous innovative projects underway and planned for the future. We lead the field in sustainable waste management by continuously innovating, investing and improving.”

Are you someone who likes to grow and enjoys making things happen? Then we definitely need to get to know you!

Icon with three persons / employees. - We are a cooperative working environment

In a cooperative working environment

In a culture built on openness and trust, there is a friendly atmosphere. We’re there for each other, working closely and collaboratively, with respect for everyone’s personal need for autonomy. We address each other in an informal way, including our supervisor and managers. We have regular activities amongst for our employees and families such as BBQs and Family days. We very much believe that a pleasant working environment helps with overall efficiency as well as productive teamwork.

We care about your work - life balace.

And with care for your work-life balance

We’re hopeful Indaver will quickly feel like a second home however we’re mindful that private lives are a happy place to be also. Therefore we offer flexible working hoursand where possible, be open to remote working.

We’re also aware that personal circumstances change as time goes by and we’d want to grow and evolve with you over the years.

The Indaver Full Circle : A unique approach to your development

Indaver faces new challenges every day. A hybrid way of working or new climate goals are only a few current examples. We’re convinced that we have to tackle these challenges together. That’s why it’s our ambition to continuously learn and improve. That also involves your future and professional career.

The Indaver Full Circle is our unique approach to training, personal development and (self)-leadership. It focuses on Care, Connect, Coach, and Change as indicators in a dynamic, personal learning process outlined for every employee.

This goes beyond offering a strong training programme. We guarantee an integrated and personalised path from the beginning of your career. You are invited to co-create this path and to enhance your professional and personal skills through training and on-the-job learning, depending on the stage of your career.

Thanks to the Indaver Full Circle, you will benefit from:

  • A constant offering of courses, training and workshops, both internally and externally.
  • A wide range of learning opportunities.
  • New insights and knowledge tailored to your job context and the latest trends.
  • Equal attention given to soft skills, as well as professional skills and knowledge.
  • A modular approach: you can design your learning path according to your needs.
  • A dual focus: you can continuously develop existing skills and knowledge while acquiring new ones. With continuous guidance, you will step out of your comfort zone.
  • Learning from external trainers, as well as in-house experts, through various channels such as staff meetings, knowledge cafés, breakfast sessions, toolboxes, e-learnings, and more.
  • Immediate application of your knowledge in practice through coaching and on-the-job learning.
“In the nearly two years that I have been employed at Indaver, I have attended five training courses. So we keep learning, it’s very nice!”
Dave Schroevers, Crane operator and administrative staff at Europoort

INdaver Full Circle